Signature Blend

900mg USDA Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs with CBD, CBDA, & CBG, 2 fl oz


Ease Their Mind, Soothe Their Soul: The Smart Choice for Your Dog’s Comfort and Calm

Genie’s Therapeutics Hemp Signature Oil: The Magic Touch for Your Pet’s Well-being

Why You’ll Love Genie’s:

  • Stress and Fear Relief: Turn those jittery moments into serene tail wags.
  • Joint & Physical Discomfort Relief: Help them move like a pup again!
  • Increased Mobility and Energy: Because fetch should never be a thing of the past.
  • Aids Sensitive Skin: Say goodbye to itchies and scratchies.
  • Long-Term General Health: A happy dog today, a healthier dog tomorrow.

What Makes Genie’s So Magical?

  • USDA Organic Certified: Pure, potent, and perfect for your pet.
  • Simple and Accurate Dosing: No guesswork, just results.
  • Unique Blend of CBD, CBDA, and CBG: The ultimate trio for ultimate care.
  • Veterinary Professional Support: Expertise you can count on.
  • Equal Parts Love and Science: Crafted with care, backed by research.

Why Genie’s is Simply the Best:

Try Genie’s Hemp Signature Oil Today. No Prescription Needed. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders – Just $4.95

So why wait any longer? Invest in your pet’s well-being today with Genie’s Signature Blend – the obvious choice for providing love in a bottle. Give your furry best friend their best life – order yours now.

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Based on 37 reviews
Awesome product!

I am very pleased with Genie's. It calms my dog and he seems to really like the taste.

14 Year old Shepherd loves it!

I looked everywhere for a CBDA without seed oils for our old man. After much research I finally found Genie’s! Our senior has been using Genies’s for a week now and he’s already showing improvement in his walking! He also loves the taste and tries licking the dropper as I’m trying to put it in his food. And I can rest easy knowing there’s no harmful ingredients, the quality is 100% worth the cost! My kids and I also enjoyed unboxing the creative packaging, it felt like we were opening a potion! So cute!!


My Dog loves Genies! It is well worth the purchase and the customer service is excellent. I feel like it helps calm her anxiety.

My new go to

I was a die hard Austin & Kat customer. Still am, but not for the oil. This oil is effective and cheaper than Austin& Kat.

Ty will be 15 next Month (June)!! 🐾👏🏻👏🏻

This miraculous tincture is keeping him young and full of energy. Helped with his joint discomfort, and pain – no tremors and no seizures since starting the drops! Seriously the GT tincture has been reversing his age. This big boy (75 pounds) will be 15 next month (June) and he’s kicking ass thanks to GT!!!
Forever grateful!
We love Genie’s so much!!!

Best CBD Ever!

Has changed our lives, our baby girl,13 year old Saint Bernard “Beka” was struggling tremendously to walk and no energy, since she is taking Genie’s she is like a puppy 🐶 and now she’s completely off the pain medication and only taking this miracle product. We will be for ever thankful to Genie’s 🐾


I know the brochure said to not anticipate any major changes on day 1, but wow!! I can already tell she is so much more relaxed! And honestly, it made me feel guilty for not having something like this for her sooner. Her tail was just waving back and forth all day and she seemed like her young self again!


Since taking it Izzy has less anxiety. She does way better on car rides, whines way less, and gets along with other dogs much better now.

Jarvis (aka Puddin)

Jarvis has bilateral ACL tears in his legs that did not make sense to do surgery on. He doesn't express pain from these tears, but he had started to "hunch" in his hind legs. His physical therapist recommended Genie's – after trying it for a little over a month, it was hard to tell the effects as there wasn't anything drastic. But, it seemed like there might be some slow/minor improvements so we decided it didn't hurt for him to continue to take it. Since he started, he's had two separate periods of time where he didn't take it for a few weeks... that's when I really noticed a difference. When he started back after those few weeks without it, he noticeably had more energy and his body was more streamlined (no "hunching" in his hind). This underscored for us the benefits of him taking it – worth every penny! Not to mention their customer service is wonderful.

Great product

This stuff shows a noticeable difference in my pup. He has a knee problem and when he takes this CBD he is more loose and gets around well


A couple of days after Zeke started on Genie's, we noticed that he is calmer and has hardly any labored breathing from his bad heart. He is even a little more playful, we are definitely noticing the difference!! Thanks for your product!!!

Great Product!

Our Lady Helen loves her Genie Therapeutics! Thanks for a great product!

Helps my dog so much!

Our senior husky has had such a struggle with arthritis. We have him on several anti-inflammatories and added Genie’s oil to his protocol. I didn’t realize how much it was helping him until we ran out of Genie’s. Within a day he was back to limping, whimpering and licking his limbs. These pain symptoms resolved significantly once we got him back on his twice daily dose of Genie’s. It really works and significantly improves his quality of life.

Mavis' excitement levels

Genie’s helps manage Mavis’ excitement level on a regular basis but it is most valued during storms and fireworks! It keeps her from being so fearful.


My dog, Cash, has a CCL issue where his cruciate ligament in his knee is slightly torn, but not enough to warrant surgery yet. It’s torn enough to cause pain and stiffness. This hemp oil noticeably helps with pain and keeps him loose. It also helps with his allergies and skin issues. We are big fans of Genie’s Therapeutics and will be long time customers.


Cyrus definitely has more pep in his step an he doesn't scratch anymore!! Thank you for this wonderful product.


Our 13-year-old Luna went from panting in pain, to relaxed and no more pain.


Genies therapeutics has helped my dog tremendously with her separation anxiety. Prior to trying this oil she had extremely destructive behaviors when she was left alone. This is a game-changer for us and we’re so glad we found it!


Genie's helps keep my dear old 11 1/2 year old Keshia acting like she is 2 again.


Thank you for this quality time, Genie's! After months of thinking my sweet Rose was struggling with repeat UTIs, it was determined she has Transitional Cell Carcinoma. We have tried traditional medications many with unacceptable and uncomfortable side effects. A co-worker told me about your product and I have to say we are so pleased. Although we continue to use some prescribed medications, the biggest and most positive changes have come with the use of Genie's. Rose is more comfortable, urinates more easily, has a better appetite and seems in better spirits than she has in a great while. Looking forward to many more months, maybe years, with my sweet girl. Thank you for this quality time.

Genie's was there

Genie's was there to ease the pain of my beloved Kye all the way through the end of his watch.


I haven't seen Marshall jump onto her bed in years but now she does! I am your long-time customer for sure!

Mena - Service Dog

We love Genie's Therapeutics impact on Mena. She is so much more active, even jumping on the couch after just 2 weeks of using Genie's Therapeutics twice a day. We are so grateful for the impact it makes on her quality of life. Easily the best product on the market.

This miraculous tincture

This miraculous tincture is keeping him young and full of energy. Helped with his joint discomfort, and pain - no tremors and no seizures since starting the drops! Seriously the GT tincture has been reversing his age. We love Genie's so much!!!

Johnny Cash - "Cashy"

I owe Genie's everything and more! Please keep helping 4 leggers like me.

Product Description

900mg USDA Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs with CBD, CBDA, & CBG, 2 fl oz

You deserve to know why hemp oil, like ours, is better than regular CBD oil to give your pet the best.

At Genie’s Therapeutics, we follow the science to craft the most effective oil for your pet to make them and you happier. Our USDA-certified organic hemp oil blend is made in the USA in small batches and meticulously 3rd party lab-tested to ensure your pet receives the highest quality and safest product possible.  

So why is our hemp oil better than regular CBD Oil?

Because our 100% organic, USA Grown full spectrum, whole plant hemp extract not only has CBD, but it also has CBDA, and CBG – targeting a fuller, more effective range of benefits for your pet. A full spectrum, whole plant extract contains all of the hemp plant’s beneficial properties compared to CBD isolates and broad spectrum. Additionally, we use the CO2 extraction method to produce the highest concentration of CBD, CBDA, and CBG. 

USDA Organic Certified Seal in Color
Included in the kit:
  • Graduated Dropper
  • Product Information Insert
  • 2 oz (60ml) Embossed Bottle of Hemp Signature Blend

This full-spectrum hemp extract includes the added benefits of CBDA, and CBG as well. We use organic extra-virgin olive oil as a carrier oil. Olive oil is an LCT (Long-Chain Triglyceride) carrier oil that provides optimum absorption for superior efficacy of beneficial ingredients.

Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee

We are obsessive about quality and have gone above and beyond to ensure our products meet the highest standards in quality and efficacy. Therefore, we stand by our product and offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases of our Genie’s Hemp Signature Blend. For more information, please see our returns policy.

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Concierge Program

We are here for you and your fur family

We are fully committed to providing the highest standard of quality, support, and service to our customers and their dogs.

Have a question about dosing CBD for dogs? No problem, our complimentary Concierge Program’s Veterinary Professionals are happy to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. Our comprehensive FAQ section also offers in depth information about our Signature Hemp Blend, vetted by our veterinary professionals.

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