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    900mg USDA Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs with CBD, CBDA, & CBG, 2 fl oz

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    Key Benefits

    • Soothes Stiff Joints and Sore Muscles – more walking, less discomfort!
    • Relieves Stress, Fear, and Nervousness caused by separation, loud noises, etc.
    • Supports Immune system, Improves Energy, and Overall Long-Term Health
    • Helps with sensitive skin and seasonal issues – itching be gone!
    • Promotes cognitive function and better sleep
    • Manages behaviorial problems – Great tool for training!


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    A 100% organic and natural full spectrum, whole plant hemp extract oil for Dogs with CBD, CBDA,  & CBG to provide more benefits | High Potency & Quality | Third Party Lab Tested
  • CBD For DogsTrial Sized Bottle

    Hemp Signature Blend Trial-Size


    Bring comfort and joy to your Dog


    Genie’s Supports:
    • Stress and Fear Relief
    • Joint & Discomfort Relief
    • Increased Mobility and Energy
    • Aids Sensitive Skin
    • Long-Term General Health
    Why Genie’s is So Different
    • Simple and Accurate Dosing
    • Unique Blend With Added Benefits of CBDA, CBC, and CBG
    • Veterinary Professional Support
    • Equal Parts Love and Science


    Try Genie’s Today, No Prescription is Needed

    *30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

     flat Rate Shipping On All Orders –  $4.95

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    Introducing Genie’s Signature Blend, CBD Oil For Dogs, the all-natural solution to help relieve your pet of stress and physical discomfort. With a unique combination of CBD, CBDA, and CBG, this USDA Organic Certified blend effectively reduces physical discomfort, reduces stress, increases energy levels, and improves long-term health. Genie’s has been crafted with equal parts love and science to provide a reliable source of comfort for our furry friends.

    So why wait any longer? Invest in your pet’s well-being today with Genie’s Signature Blend – the intelligent choice for providing love in a bottle. Give them something extra special – order yours now.