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How to Prepare for Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care Dog Nervous

Let's Talk about Veterinary Care

Lets Talk About Veterinary Care
🤯In the past couple of decades the cost of veterinary care has risen with the demand. Society is taking better care of their animals than they ever have in the past. With improved care we are faced with a few facts, healthier animals, increased life span, and increased veterinary costs.

🧐When you decide to add a pet to your family it can be daunting to realize the cost of medical care for your new friend. Knowing what the general cost of medical care can help you navigate what is best for your family.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind:

😃Annual costs for a healthy dog can range between 💲1500-💲4500 depending on breed and size

☹️Make sure you have an emergency fund set up for your pet in the event of unplanned accidents. Veterinary emergencies can cost anywhere from 💲600-thousands. An average overnight stay at a hospital is usually around 💲800-💲1500.

💲Most vet offices will accept payment options like Care Credit or Scatchpay. These are low interest credit options that can be applied for any time day or night and decisions are instant.

😉Please do not expect your vet office to cover the fees for you or allow you to make payments as most will not.

🤲If your in a pinch ask friends and family or even your local humane societies to help you out, often they will provide small vouchers.

😄As always we recommend a good relationship between you, your pet and your vet!

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