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CBD for Dogs Powerful Odyssey – A Woof-Worthy Wellness Journey


The CBD for Dogs Odyseey – A Woof-Worthy Wellness Journey


Hey there, dog parents! Ready to leap into the world of CBD for dogs with the enthusiasm of a puppy chasing a ball? CBD has been the talk of the dog park lately, but navigating this new terrain can feel like teaching your dog to fetch a frisbee in a hurricane. Fear not! We’re here to guide you through the CBD jungle, ensuring your furry friend reaps all its potential benefits. Let’s embark on this tail-wagging adventure together!

1. Sniffing Out Top-Notch CBD:

Choosing CBD for your dog should be like selecting the finest gourmet treat – only the absolute best. Look for products that are whole plant extracts, offering a symphony of cannabinoids rather than a solo. Third-party testing is your best friend here, ensuring that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle – no mysteries or surprises. Opt for USDA Organic to avoid unwanted pesticides, mold, and other adulterants – because our dogs deserve as much organic goodness as we do. And potency matters! The higher the milligrams per bottle, the more potent the product, meaning a little goes a long way.

2. Dosage: The Balancing Act:

Finding the right CBD dosage for your pup can be as tricky as convincing them that the vet is actually a fun outing. Start with a conservative dose and observe your dog’s response. Genie’s motto is “start low and go slow”. It’s important to remember that each dog is unique – what works for a sprightly Jack Russell may not suit a dignified Great Dane. Please consult our online dosing calculator to determine that exact dosage for your beloved fur baby.

Vet Disclaimer: Always involve your vet in your pet’s health decisions – they’re the experts, after all!

3. The Subscription Lifeline:

Don’t let your CBD stash run dry – it’s like forgetting to restock the treat jar (and we all know how that goes down with our pups!). A subscription ensures a steady supply of CBD, keeping your dog’s wellness routine consistent and uninterrupted.

4. Timing: The Secret Sauce:

Timing the administration of CBD can be as crucial as the product itself. Ideally, give it to your dog about an hour before an event that you anticipate might be stressful. This could be anything from a vet visit to a thunderstorm or even a family gathering. However, each dog’s metabolism is different, so checking in with your vet for the optimal timing is a smart move.

5. Break the Negative Association:

If CBD is always a precursor to the vet or thunderstorms, your dog might start thinking of it as a bad omen. To avoid this, incorporate CBD into more neutral or positive contexts as well. Maybe add it to a meal after a fun day at the park – balance and consistency is key!

6. The Tolerance Tango:

Just like humans, dogs can build up a tolerance to CBD. If you’re using it frequently, consider giving your dog a break now and then. This could be a few days off or reducing the dosage. It helps to keep the CBD effective and ensures that your dog doesn’t just start snoozing through the benefits.

7. Spotting the Signs of Success:

Keep an eye out for subtle changes in your dog’s behavior or physical condition post-CBD. Are they more relaxed during typically stressful situations? Do they seem more comfortable during walks? Noting these small victories can help you gauge the effectiveness of CBD and adjust as needed.

Vet Disclaimer – Safety is Paramount:Before turning into a CBD aficionado for your pup, ensure you’re fully informed, especially if your dog has health issues or is on medication. Your vet can help you navigate any potential interactions and ensure you’re using CBD safely.


Embarking on the CBD journey with your dog can be a rewarding experience, enhancing their quality of life and deepening your bond. With quality products like Genie’s Signature Oil, proper dosages, and mindful administration, you can help your furry friend enjoy a happier, healthier life. Stay informed, stay observant, and always keep your vet in the loop – after all, they’re the real superheroes in your pet’s world!

Note: While we love sharing this journey with you, remember, this blog is for fun and educational purposes. Feel free to contact Genie’s Concierge Support Program and always consult with your veterinarian for the best advice on your pet’s health. Cheers to a pawsitive CBD experience.

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